Uncategorized August 7, 2022

Welcome To The Blog!

Welcome to Will Hurd’s blog! This page will serve as a great source of information pertaining to Vermont, more specfically Northwest Vermont. Whether it’s current events happening around town, recent news or just a post about what I did that day, I hope that this page can offer a look into Vermont and its quality of living. I was born and raised in Burlington, VT and am so grateful for everything that Burlington offers. After spending the last 6 years in Denver, CO, I was reminded upon coming back to Burlington, the sense of community, the locally sourced food, the lake, the sunsets, the pride in being tucked away in a corner of the country that flies so under the radar. All of this is what drew me back home, and hopefully you find some joy in reading about anything and everything that I can shine a light on in the Green Mountain State.