Uncategorized January 6, 2023

Small Business Highlight – August First

For those of you who either live in Burlington or frequently visit Burlington, you are probably familiar with the local bakery, August First. Sitting on the corner of S. Champlain St., August First gives off authentic bakery vibes with some of the best baguettes you’ll find in the country. On any given day, whether in the summer or winter, the place is always buslting with happy patrons. Set in a renovated, large garage, you can feel the passion and authenticity that goes into the food being made from scratch on a daily basis. Known for the popular Maple Biscuit, locally roasted coffee, and fresh baked bread, August First is the type of place you need to see to believe.

It has been a family favorite for us for more than 10 years. Partly because of the quality of food provided, but also because of the environment it fosters. August First has been laptop-free since 2014, encourgaing customers to interact with one another rather than a screen. Although being on your phone is allowed, its encouraged that you take a step back in time, to a place where simply interacting with one another was enough.

If you’re looking for a high-quality place to grab some coffee and a bite to eat, check out August First in downtown Burlington.

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