Uncategorized January 25, 2023

Down Payment Assistance Programs for Vermonters

There’s no doubt that affordability when it comes to the housing market is the hot button issue a lot of buyers are facing. But what if I told you that Vermont offers programs to assist with your down payment (I’m talking 0% down type assistance) or provide a tax credit to help you qualify for a loan!

🔹Yes, inventory is low and yes it can be challenging to find a home that fits your needs. But there are programs out there to help you achieve those goals. All VHFA programs are a good starting point https://www.vhfa.org

🔹If you have any questions about qualifying for these programs or the home buying process in general, reach out to me or shoot a message over to Buddy Singh @bunguy1971 from Spruce Mortgage NMLS#92046