Uncategorized January 25, 2024

Ski The East…Specifically Vermont

Vermont, with its picturesque landscapes and abundant snowfall, is a haven for ski enthusiasts. From adrenaline-pumping slopes to charming mountain villages, the state boasts some of the most popular ski areas in the country. I grew up skiing at Smugglers Notch, which is a family friendly resort tucked away in Jeffersonville, VT. It was on these slopes that I learned to ski the moguls, the trees and even the ice! I always felt the excitement as you neared the top of the lift, pulling the bar from over you and preparing to take another run. It’s a quintessential aspect of Vermont that is so vital to our regions background and identity. So without further adue, we’ll take you on a journey through Vermont’s winter wonderland, highlighting the most sought-after ski destinations.

Stowe Mountain Resort: A Classic Gem

Nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains, Stowe Mountain Resort is a classic and sophisticated destination for winter sports lovers. With a rich history dating back to the 1930s, Stowe offers a perfect blend of challenging trails, stunning scenery, and a charming New England village. From the iconic Mount Mansfield to the well-groomed slopes, Stowe has something for every skier, from beginners to seasoned experts.

Killington Resort: The Beast of the East

Known as “The Beast of the East,” Killington Resort is the largest ski area in the eastern United States. Boasting a vast terrain, including six peaks, Killington offers a variety of trails for all skill levels. Its extensive lift system ensures minimal wait times, allowing skiers and snowboarders to maximize their time on the slopes. The lively après-ski scene and numerous off-mountain activities make Killington a vibrant and dynamic destination.

Sugarbush Resort: Unspoiled Beauty

For those seeking unspoiled natural beauty, Sugarbush Resort is a hidden gem. Tucked away in the Mad River Valley, Sugarbush offers diverse terrain with two distinct mountains – Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen. The resort’s commitment to environmental sustainability adds to the appeal for eco-conscious skiers. Visitors can experience the charm of nearby Warren Village and indulge in farm-to-table dining after a day on the slopes.

Stratton Mountain Resort: Family-Friendly Fun

With its welcoming atmosphere and family-friendly amenities, Stratton Mountain Resort is a top choice for those looking to enjoy winter sports with loved ones. The resort’s well-designed trails cater to skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels. The pedestrian-friendly village provides a cozy atmosphere, complete with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options for the whole family.

Jay Peak Resort: A Snow Lover’s Paradise

Situated near the Canadian border, Jay Peak Resort is renowned for its consistent snowfall and exceptional glade skiing. Boasting the most snow in the state, Jay Peak offers a true winter paradise with challenging terrain and breathtaking views. Beyond skiing, visitors can enjoy the resort’s indoor waterpark, making it an ideal destination for families and thrill-seekers alike.

Vermont’s ski areas offer a diverse range of experiences, from the classic charm of Stowe to the family-friendly atmosphere of Stratton. Whether you’re an avid skier or a first-timer, the Green Mountain State has a ski destination that will capture your heart. Embrace the thrill of the slopes and the warmth of Vermont’s hospitality for an unforgettable winter getaway.