Uncategorized Down Payment Assistance Programs for Vermonters There’s no doubt that affordability when it comes to the housing market is the hot button issue a lot of buyers are facing. But what if I told you that Vermont offers programs to assist with your down payment (I’m talking 0% down type assistance) or provide a tax credit to help you qualify for […]
Uncategorized Neighborhood Spotlight: Appletree Point, Burlington, VT Welcome to Appletree Point – a highly sought after neighborhood in the New North End in Burlington, VT. Not only are you within a short distance to a private beach, two pools and a park that will entertain your family for hours on end, but you are in a community that is supportive, inclusive and […]
Uncategorized Good News For Buyers – Mortgage Rates Are Dropping Yes, you read that correctly. Mortgage rates just reached a new 4-month low in recent readings following an encouraging inflation report. Down from its peak at around 7.5%, the most recent rates clocked in at 6.04% which should be encouraging news for buyers. As inflation begins to cool following a tumultuous 2022, so will mortgage […]
Uncategorized Positive News For Sugarbush Resort Employees In an article recently written by Seven Days, it has been reported that Sugarbush Resort has applied for permits to build a four-story apartment building and three single family homes for employees. It would include 16 studio apartments and 176 bedrooms with shared living, dining, bathroom and laundry facilities. Right now, employees are currently being […]
Uncategorized December 2022 Market Stats Below is a breakdown of the local market report from the Northwest Vermont Realtor’s Association. As many of us know, 2022 was challenging in the real estate world for a lot of people. Low inventory coupled with rising mortgage rates applied a lot of pressure on buyers as affordability became the hot button issue. What’s […]
Uncategorized Small Business Highlight – August First For those of you who either live in Burlington or frequently visit Burlington, you are probably familiar with the local bakery, August First. Sitting on the corner of S. Champlain St., August First gives off authentic bakery vibes with some of the best baguettes you’ll find in the country. On any given day, whether in […]
Uncategorized UVM Men’s Soccer Team & Why They Encapsulate Vermont The University of Vermont men’s soccer team played their final game of the season this past Saturday when they lost to Syracuse 2-1. But it wasn’t any typical season – it was historic for this program in so many ways. They reached the Elite 8 in the NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament which hadn’t been done […]
Uncategorized Thanksgiving Week & Why It’s My Favorite Holiday After spending the weekend with family in Connecticut for the past few days, I’m back in Vermont and gearing up for Thanksgiving. As a kid, I was never a huge fan of Thanksgiving. It always felt like the opening act before the real show began for Christmas. And back when I was a kid, when […]
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Uncategorized VIDEO: Why Right Now Is a Good Time To Buy Are you someone who is trying to time the real estate market right now due to the uncertainty with mortgage rates? There will always be pros & cons to buying in every market, so don’t get too hung up on trying to time it. 🔹When interest rates were lower last year, we saw a flood […]
Uncategorized Timing The Market & Interest Rates I’v been getting a lot of questions recently about the rise of mortgage rates and why in the world right now would be a good time to purchase a home. It’s a very valid question and one that you have to look at from a couple different angles. I think it’s important to point out […]
Uncategorized Recession Indicators & What It Means For The Housing Market As the unofficial finale of Summer has passed with Labor Day in the rear view mirror, many are looking ahead and wondering what the rest of the year will hold in both the housing market and the economy. And before I get rolling too far down the tracks, I should start by saying that I […]
Uncategorized What is a 1031 Exchange? Let’s get technical shall we? There are so many aspects of real estate that I learn about daily and wonder how it wasn’t a mandatory class in high school or even college. It can be such a vital part of how we build wealth over the course of our lives, but somehow it is often […]
Uncategorized Video: Purchasing a Condo vs Single Family Home   I’ve been asked a lot recently about the pros and cons of purchasing a Condo vs a Single-Family home. Now for some people, they’ve made their mind up and a single home family is what they’d prefer. But for folks who have been looking to buy and have felt the pressure of rising costs, […]
Uncategorized How To Prepare For a Final Walk-Through As I prepare for a final walkthrough with one of my clients in a few days, it reminded me just how many aspects there are to the purchase and sale of real estate. For first-time homebuyers, it can often feel like drinking from the firehose. There are dates and deadlines to meet, paperwork to sign […]
Uncategorized Living In The Moment The last few days, I have found complete solace in heading down to the Burlington Surf Club to catch some late afternoon rays as I soak in the remaining days of summer. The summer in Vermont fades just as quickly as it appears and its common place to look at the calendar in mid August […]
Uncategorized Video: Price Adjustments in Chittenden County It comes as no surprise that the housing market has been pretty freakin’ competitive over the last two years. Low inventory and interest rates coupled with a surplus of demand caused home appreciation to sky rocket. However, today we are seeing a slight shift from an all-time sellers market to the scale tipping back towards […]
Uncategorized Welcome To The Blog! Welcome to Will Hurd’s blog! This page will serve as a great source of information pertaining to Vermont, more specfically Northwest Vermont. Whether it’s current events happening around town, recent news or just a post about what I did that day, I hope that this page can offer a look into Vermont and its quality […]